Public Spaces

Anne Frank’s life and words have been used as an educational tool across the globe to create awareness about injustice, and to amplify a voice for compassion and understanding. This 90-minute session offers a virtual tour of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam plus a presentation and discussion about how such virtual tours have been used educationally during the past year, the lessons learned from previous virtual tours, as well as the educational challenges and opportunities associated with these virtual tours. The virtual tour will be expertly guided by educators from the Anne Frank House, who will also facilitate the discussion.

Societies and communities commemorate past events, where severe human rights violations, persecution, resistance and/or discrimination have taken place, in different ways. Monuments and memorials in the public space play an important role in this process. In this 90-minute virtual tour, participants will visit multiple monuments/memorials in different parts of the world. The tour will be guided by Aaron Peterer, an expert in educational videography and multicultural history education. He will also facilitate the discussion about the educational challenges and opportunities of using virtual tours to critically discuss the many monuments and memorials we find in our communities.



Presentation: Dr Yaael Richler Friedman
Discussant: Prof. Zehavit Gross
Intercultural education poses both challenges and opportunities for Holocaust education stems form the question of representing the unthinkable to groups of students and teachers with various  backgrounds. This 90-minute session offers a virtual tour in Yad Vashem during which the methods developed for coping with those challenges will be presented.
The presentation will focus on both galleries inside the museum and monuments located outdoors, enabling to examine a variety of representation modes. The tour will be guided by Dr. Yael Richler Friedman, Head of Curricular Development Unit, who will discuss with the participants the rational, methods and challenges of developing 3D tours for students and teachers.