Lecture: A 15 minute lecture. Each presenter will be given 15 minutes for presentation. Thereafter there will be 15 minutes for discussion of the three presentations of the session.

Poster: Posters describing a research project or a practical initiative will be presented in the poster session. Each presenter will be given 5 minutes for their poster. Thereafter you will placed in a virtual Zoom room and participants will come into your room to ask questions.

Discussion panel: Each panel should have three to four participants who will present different positions on their subject for 30-40 minutes.  Each participant will be given a few minutes to present their position, followed by a discussion with audience participation.

Workshop: Workshops allow participants to take part in a creative activity or an active learning experience for acquiring a new skill. 60 minutes workshops will be allocated for a short activity.

Round Table: Roundtables aim for audience feedback on ongoing research projects or educational initiatives. Each roundtable will last 60 minutes, beginning with a 10 minute presentation of a research study or project, followed by 50 minutes of audience feedback. Participants will move freely between round the different tables of interest.